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As for the content, although quite close to the original, but the film has more clearly portrayed the special emotional aspects of the main characters. With the sincerity of the technology application, the feelings of Mufasa the Lion King and Simba's son are connected more fully and vividly. The description of the mood of Simba boy in such climax: falling into a trap in the graveyard, in danger of the canyon, lonely on the desert, having fun with friends, strongly fighting for justice ... helped to personalize the more successful classic lion. In addition, Mufasa's philosophical lines when confronting Scar, Nala when standing up to protect the fellow ... also partly enhance the value of the film.

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The film begins with the familiar immortal music and beautiful picture of the natural world, bringing the audience into a paradise like real life, making viewers feel small in nature. majestic. However, The Lion King gives Touch Cinema a feeling of regret, unfortunately because the earth used to be beautiful as a perfect picture, but because it is the human being, this green planet is increasingly depleted.…

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If you've ever seen the original version of the Lion King, you'll notice that the film's content this time is still sticking to the old plot of Simba's mature journey - the heir to the official throne of the Land. King. Following the young prince since officially "debuting" with the gods of the King of all species, it was time for the boy to run away from his own mistake and the conspiracy of the cunning uncle, eventually returning with a fierce roar and a challenge to win back the golden throne.…

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The lion king of 2019 contains many meanings, although the lessons in the film are only superficial and not as profound enough as the movie Aladdin. Being able to finish watching the movie you will want to live a free life, not thinking about tomorrow and always the notion of "Hakuna Matata" (Don't worry) like Pumbaa and Timon should also. The film talks a lot about family love, friendship and above all the qualities of a good king. All of these philosophies seem to be more appropriate for children.…

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In 1994, "The Mouse House" brought the film Lion King by directors Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers to show up to audiences around the world and were well received. The film earned over 968 million dollars worldwide and was critically applauded by critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film was rated 93% and received a lot of winged compliments. The film was scored 8.5 / 10 on IMDb and 81/100 on Metacritic. The lion king became the best animated film and was included in the "must see" list in the 90s.


While the US Government was silent, the travel agencies enlisted in organized outreach tours "Region 51"

While the US Government was silent, the travel agencies enlisted in organized outreach tours "Region 51". A lot of curious people come here. “They gathered together the most on May 30, which is considered the birth date of“ Area 51 ”. They organized a rally and discussed the so-called "government secret" right on the highway 375 that ran close to the base. This highway is officially called "Alien Highway".…

Initially, the main purpose of Area 51 was to research and develop secret US military aircraft projects

Initially, the main purpose of Area 51 was to research and develop secret US military aircraft projects. Among them are the aircraft samples from U2, A12 and stealth aircraft. In particular, the U2 spy plane project has been confirmed by the CIA. This is a project co-operated by the CIA and Lockheed manufacturer to develop a high-flying unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, which scouts the air of other countries.…