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Scorpions 55th anniversary 1965 2020 shirt

Halloween was originally named All Hallows’Eve, meaning the night before All Saints Day. "Hallow" is an old English word that means "holy" and eventually changed to Halloween.

Previously, Halloween was originally Christian, shortened to "All Hallows' Evening", a festival that takes place on the first day of November, the month of praying for the souls that have passed away.

However, there are documents that, from the 5th century BC Celtic people in Ireland celebrated this day on October 31, the last day of summer as a New Year's ritual. 
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We used to smile and then we worked at RGIS Horror Halloween shirt

Joker and Harley Quinn are two very hot costume characters in 2016 when the Suicide Squad movie set the trend of the young. Certainly during Halloween, these two characters will be even hotter. When dressing as Joker crazy, you can choose from different versions of Joker. The most famous is the Joker played by the late actor Heath Ledger in the film The Dark Knight, with a thick layer of makeup, blackened eyes and scars from the mouth to the ears.
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Chillin' like Villain witch shirt

Continuing to be a hot horror character this year, it's Valak. Valak appeared in the 2016 summer horror film, The Conjuring 2, directed by the famous director of the horror film James Wan. Valak appears in the film as a powerful priest's ghost. It is the monk's costume and the fear of this character that created a trend in 2016 and capturing this trend to dress up for Halloween will be a difference compared to the costumes of ghosts and ghosts. vampires, zombies ...

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Goodfellas you slay me Michael Myers Jason Voorhees Freddy shirt

Aside from having too many characters, the editing and usage of the movie has many problems. As mentioned, IT is a horror work, with a dark tone from the beginning, but between the movies there are still bright scenes of romance or school, making viewers slip out of the film. And to make viewers feel these things, the music in the movie was used too much.

In particular, the end of the movie, for those who have never seen IT, have not read through Stephen King's stories will be shocked because there is not anything in the film is explained. As to where Pennywise's origins came from, whether or not it was destroyed, why didn't the townspeople care about having children missing? Or why is it that kids have to cut their hands to make blood so bloody at the end of the film, is it really necessary or just an unnecessary coloring?

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Made in Cuba a long long time ago shirt Join the raid Storm the gates Area 51 5k fun …

Buffalo Bill's Body lotion Halloween shirt

And in horror movies, of course, ghosts, demons, and killers are the scariest thing, so here, IT is so scary and perverted. Bill Skarsgård, a Swedish actor who has succeeded in refreshing Hollywood's once-iconic horror icon. In this version, IT with a high white forehead, small mouth but full of drool creates a completely new fear, much more terrible than actor Tim Curry of 1990. In the film, when preparing to eat the children, IT's eyes rolled backwards horribly, but it was not because of the skill, but by Bill Skarsgård himself. Maybe in the movie, sewers are places where kids never dared to go to, but in real life, when the girls saw Bill's handsome face, she voluntarily went down the drain to give him " eat meat".
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