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What are the smallest signs that someone has narcissistic personality disorder?

All the narcissists in my life were very predictable in the gifts they chose, on any gift giving occasion they actually remembered.
The musician gave me tickets to a musical concert he wanted to see.
My business husband told me to choose the car I would like to drive next, after the older one began giving us problems. When I chose, he told me that wasn’t what I wanted and presented me with the car he wanted me to drive (it reflected success to him).
My narcissist mother never gave me anything I asked for at Christmas or birthdays. She gave me something easy to pick up and throw in a basket.
Moral: People are always showing you who they are, not who you are.
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If a family member says " there is no point in giving Grandma birthday presents because she has dementia" is he/she right?

My Mom was telling me yesterday about the last time they visited my Grandmother at the nursing home. My Aunt wanted to take some Christmas cake as she Loved it so very much all her life, it was her favourite. My Mom said “ No, as she will not remember having it and she wont even remember what Christmas is”.
My Aunt insisted and cut 2 thin slices to take for my Gran.
After they arrived and ordered tea, my Aunt opened the wrapping on the cake and my Gran did not respond. My Aunt said…” Come on Mommy, just take a small bite. My Gran was not interested. After 4 attempts at coaxing her she took a bite and after chewing it for just a few seconds her eyes lit up and her entire face was overjoyed.
Hearing about that experience brought tears of joy to both my Mom & I. Yes it difficult dealing with a loved one who no longer remembers who you are, or even who they are anymore, however I do believe that gentle persistence with deep intimate things that they were very fond of that triggers th…

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What do you do on a Christmas Eve night?

My wife is from Europe, so Christmas Eve is her “big celebration” at home, and we’ve adopted the tradition even though she lives with me in Australia.
There’s usually only the two of us in the apartment, though, so a “big celebration” isn’t massive. We have verivorst (Estonian “blood sausage”) for dinner, along with potatoes and some other veggies. It’s usually quite humid by Christmas, so there’ll be ice cream for dessert.…

What does Christmas mean? How is Christmas celebrated?

The Bible is quite Clear about celebrating Birthdays, even the Son of God’s Birthday was not set in a Festive Seen, the Birth of The Son of God was done Inconspicuously for a very Good reason. God did Not want people to make another Festival out of it . What people seem to Forget was that Jesus was Born in one of the Darkest times in Israel’s History, they were under Roman Occupation by a Pagan Society, which dabbled in the festivals of ancient Babylon. Thousands of years before they were already offering up cakes to the queen of heaven, and already worshiping trinitarian Deities .

What makes you happy in Christmas?

‘ll tell you why I hate what has happened to Christmas.

My Uncle Nick was a rich man. Every year he invited family to his house for the nearby religious festival centered on Mary, mother of Jesus. There was a carnival, tons of Italian food and a short parade.

A few years later, Uncle Nick decided to rent a lakeside and have his own reunion type gathering. He had it catered.

You might not know the person but you knew all the family names and got a lot of history of who belonged where.

I missed four of these while in the Navy but attended the next gathering.

I knew no one. Not even by family name. But they sure loved the lake and all the free food. Kids were throwing chiken parts at each other, then running back to the grill for another full plate.

The only happy people were the caterers.

That’s how I see Christmas.…

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